How to use Vident Ilink 400 to Perform Auto Scan and Control Unit Selection?

Vident iLink Scan Tools

This article shows you a guide on how to use Vident ilink 400 to perform Auto Scan and Control Unit Selection. Menu options typically are:
Auto Scan: performs an automatic system test to determine which control modules are installed on the vehicle and obtain diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) overview.
Control Unit: Control Unit screen displays all controllers available to this specific vehicle manufacturer.

Auto Scan
1. Select Auto Scan from the menu and press OK to start.
2. When the auto scan finishes, a menu with a list of installed controllers together with the DTC overview displays.
3. If there are diagnosis trouble codes detected in a control unit, press the function key corresponding with Display DTC on the screen to view details of code information, and press the function key Quick Erase to clear them.
4. Select the system you want to test, press ”OK”. When the scan tool has connected with the vehicle, the Function Menu displays.

Control Unit
1. Select the Control Unit from the menu and press “ OK”. A controller menu displays.
2. Select the system you would like to test. When the scan tool has established a connection with the vehicle, the Function Menu displays.
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