SEAT LEON 2013 TPS Perform by Vident iAuto702 Pro

Vident iAuto Scan Tool

This post comes with the guide to use VIDENT iAuto702 Pro multi-application service tool to do TPS function for SEAT LEON 2013.

Vident iAuto702 PRO newest price: US$179.00 (was US$220.00)

Tips and guide to do TPS:
1. Connect iAuto 702 pro to the vehicle
2. Enter Application main menu
Select “TPS V16.22”
Loading data…
Pay attention to the prompt “This is a quick access function for some brands of cars: if you do not find the model and year of the vehicle that you are looking for, please enter to SCAN or Diagnostic function in the main menu and access this function (Not all cars have this function from the marker.
Click “OK” to enter Electronic throttle sensor reset page
Follow the steps below to do Throttle matching:
1. Use the car decoder to initialize the throttle actuation element so that the ECU learning value is returned to the initial status to more accurately regulate throttle (or idle motor) operations to control intake air quantity.
2. Throttle matching must be performed in the following cases:
a).The ECU is replaced and the ECU does not yet…
You can read details in the actual operation
Then select car brand “SEAT”-> “Automatic Scan”

Switch on ignition
Establishing vehicle communications…
Select “Electronic throttle sensor reset”
Tips to do Throttle Learning:
Please confirm:
1. Ignition switch ON
2. Engine OFF
3. System voltage not less than 11.5V
4. No DTC exists in the engine control unit
5. The accelerator pedal is not depressed
6. All electric equipment OFF
7. Coolant temperature 10°C -95°C
Select “Read Fault Codes”
There is no fault code
A Throttle Learning message appears below:
1. No-fault stored in fault memory of the engine control unit.
2. Then the throttle valve will be adapted to the engine control unit
Select “Type 2-Chanel 060”
Matching the Throttle Body Adaption…
Throttle valve adaption result: finished correctly

This is the status after performing TPS by Vident iAuto 702Pro.

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