Vident iBT100 12V Battery Analyzed Adaptor Customer Reviews & FAQs

Vident iBT-Battery Analyzer

How about the Vident IBT100 car battery tester? Here have collected some customer reviews and frequently asked questions. Hope it helps!

1.Vident IBT100 Review:

Review 1: Awesome battery tester that works quick and accurate
This ibt100 tester is super easy to use and it works real well. Basically, you just connect it and press the buttons and select the type of battery and how many cold-cranking amps and you’re done.



Review 2: Works perfect
I had a suspected dead battery that I charged and this ibt100 tester told me it had zero cranking amps. so I went out to my car with a brand new battery and it gave me the same reading. I’m going to order one more to see if it’s just the defective the unit. Second unit came today and same thing gave a few erratic readings. The manufacturer has reached out to me and offered to ship me a free unit to test. I will update this once I receive that. UPDATE manufacturer sent me a unit and this one works perfectly. I’m not sure what the problem was they might have had something going on in the production run. I never had a company go to this extent to make sure I was satisfied with their product. Thank you so much!

Review 3: Does work well!
I bought vident Ibt100 to test the battery in my car. When most people focus on how to deal with the vehicle emissions, I find it also important to maintenance the battery to avoid shortened battery life. This battery tester can help me test the health status of the battery and check if the cranking system and charging system works normally! You should get one!

Review 4: Not a scientific instrument but very useful
For the price this ibt100 battery adapter does exactly what you’d expect it to do–give you a quick idea of a battery’s health. It’s not perfectly precise compared to my voltmeter but it’s good enough (~0.2v). The load test seems like it’s not perfect either but it will give you a good estimate of discharge and cranking amps. For the price, there’s nothing to complain about.

Review 5: Simple and helpful
There is nothing complicated about this ibt 100 tool. It is very simple to use and good to have in the garage. My reason for purchase was completely different. I made myself a “spot welder” using a car battery. The components are good quality but, it never functioned properly despite the fact that the battery was fully charged.

Turn out the battery was only putting out 40 amps as opposed to 575 – it was an old battery. I verified using this tool.

There are many variations. I found the best value in what I purchased.


2. Vident IBT100 FAQ:

Q: Can IBT100 support Polish?
A: Yes.

Q: Does vident ibt 100 work to test 12v 7ah batteries? like the batteries used in ups backup systems?
A: Yes. This tester works for all types of 12volt batteries.

Q: Does this ibt100 work on a flooded marine battery?
A: Yes, for 12V 100-1000cca flooded marin battery can use vident ibt100 battery tester.

Q: Does this work with a Lithium battery?
A: No, it only works for Acid battery.

Q: Will this test sealed rechargeable battery 12 V at 8 amp hours?
A: It should but more for automotive use.

Q: What type of batteries does this device require to operate? aa or aaa?
A: Neither. Takes power from battery being tested.

Q: Will this test deep cycle battery?
A: It is only for Lead-acid batteries test.

Q: Does this Vident ibt100 meter also display ah tested? or can that be determined from soh or soc values and the rated ah for the battery you are testing?
A: It is determined from soh and soc values.

To be continued…

Vident iBT100 12V Battery Analyzer:

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