Vident iBT100 12V Battery Analyzer Review

Vident iBT-Battery Analyzer

Today I’d like to share the vident ibt100 I bought on Amazon recently.

I think it’s a cheap but practical battery tester.

At the price, this is a great little tester with a very nice readout and information display. It has a few small issues preventing a 5-star rating from me.
Tips: there is a big sale in the shop, you can share 20% discount by this link.

Language change: it’s easy to change the language you desire. Just follow the Q/A instructions without any issue.

Accuracy note: This tester includes a “surface charge” detection method that is a little flawed. If it detects a surface charge (due to recently being charged) it will ask you to turn the headlights on and off and then it auto-retests.
However, in my experience this auto-retest was inaccurate. On my fully charged old battery it stated 70% charge and 100% health when there was a surface charge. If you ever get a surface charge detected, I suggest re-run the tests a handful of times until it no longer detects a surface charge and then your results will be more accurate. After doing this, it detected 100% charge and 58% health, which was about right for my battery.





In a word, I’m satisfied with this tester. It even had this surface charge detection feature so I knew to deal with it in order to get accurate test results.
It’s worth every penny!

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