Vident iEasy200 OBD2 Code Reader Reviews & FAQs

Vident iEasy Code Readers

Vident ieasy200 is a cost-effective OBDII/EOBD+CAN code reader which works for all the cars support the standard protocol. Check the real reviews and frequently asked questions from customers.

1.Vident iEasy200 Customer Reviews:

Review 1: Worth every penny!
It’s easy to run into your local parts stores and let them use their code reader to tell you what part you may need to fix your car. But what they don’t tell you is after you purchase the part you need and replace it yourself on your car is that that check engine light will still be on. That’s because the code that made the check engine light come on in the first place is still stored in memory and the most of scanners the parts store uses will NOT erase the codes. They say it’s because of liability.

Well this ieasy200 scanner not only reads the codes but once you replace the faulty part can be used to erase the code from memory which will turn off the check engine light.

This is a well built professional quality scanner that loaded with features that is very easy to use and understand. Put the plug into the socket under your dash (in most cases), follow the directions on the Diagnostic Menu to read the codes, buy and install necessary part, reattach scanner and clear the codes. Can’t get much easier!
I highly recommend this unit!


Review 2: Inexpensive knowledge
Vident ieasy200 is nice little unit for the money. Save you some footwork instead of just letting a shop over charge guessing. If you have some much knowledge of course!

Review 3: Doesn’t need batteries and it works
Very easy to use, just plug it into your OBD port and follow the prompts.
It will also clear codes by ieasy200.

Review 4: Perfect and quick
The vident ieasy200 code reader works well and is fast. You can read the engine uc errors and delete them. Tmb you can see values in real time. You don’t need battery just plug it in the car. It works on new cars of 2017 and old. Tested on a seat leon 2017. Ibiza 2008 and vw caddy 2013.

The best thing is how fast you work. It is handled very easily and in several languages. Gives you the engine unit errors and lets you delete them without problem

Packed well in a double package, arrived without a single scratch. The box is not crumpled. Inside the box the device itself, brief instructions. The packaging, by the way, kept. Can be used for its storage, neat and compact. 5 points!
Connects, sees errors, shows what blocks he read, and to what he did not reach. Impressions are exceptionally positive.
I use every time, as there are doubts in the operation of the engine of the car. Always helps, and soothes. Showing that running behind the tow truck and the service is not necessary, but you just need to change the filter and oil.

If compared to op-com, it’s just a bug reader, but in 95% op-com is used only for reading and resetting errors. This ieasy200 is more convenient to use, the need for a laptop and Dr. Po.
There would be an opportunity to update the firmware, it would be super, but in principle, everyone suits! And teach him to work as a modem to connect a laptop. You could use more serious software.

2.Vident ieasy200 FAQs:

Q1: Does Vident iEasy200 support 2013 Chevrolet Volt?
A1: ieasy200 is OBD2 code reader. There is not car model limited. All the 12V cars which have standard OBD2 protocol interface are supported. In general, the American cars after year 1996 are covered.

Q2: Can Vident ieasy 200 do OBD diagnosis on Opel Astra G 1.4 16V, year 1999?
A2: ieasy200 supports standard OBD2 protocol cars. If your car belongs to this standard protocol, you can try to diagnose.

Q3: Can ieasy200 work on car year 2001? And worldwide?
A3: Yes, it works from 2000 till now. It works for all vehicles that support OBD2 protocol.

Q4: Will vident ieasy200 work on a 2013 KIA Sportage?
A4: Yes, if your car is OBD2 protocol, then it would support.

Q5: Can I read 2008 USA Ford Ranger coder?
A5: Yes, you absolutely should be able to use it.

Q6: Does ieasy200 come with Polish and Dutch?
A6: Yes, it does. Besides that, it supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese as well.

Q7: If vident ieasy200 appear white or black screen, how to solve?
A7: ieasy 200 is the simplest read coder, connect the device to vehicle, it will show the main menu automatically. If the connection is normal, please send ieasy200 back to your dealer to repair.

To be continued…

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