Vident iEasy200 Review: Read and Clear Trouble Codes No Issues!

Vident iEasy Code Readers

Today I’d like to share a cheap but very practical OBD2 code reader- Vident iEasy200.

I received it last month. It cost me 19.99 usd, shipped from UK, so no need to pay tax. So great!
It comes with an ieasy200 main unit and user manual. Both of them had been put in a paper box and packed well in a double package, arrived without a single scratch and the box is not crumpled.
I forgot to take a package picture, so I got a picture from my dealer as below.
Then, I try to test the function immediately. I just want to say, it’s really very easy to use.
Go ahead to check what I operate.
Just plug the main OBDII cable of vident ieasy200 into the OBD port of vehicle, don’t need battery and follow the prompts to operate.

It can be used to test the engine ECU system with OBDII protocol and 12V voltage.
Press the I/M button on the ieasy200 scanner, and it quickly displays the current status of the car.
It can show the full name of current data stream
In the diagnostic menu, you can read codes, clear codes, read dynamic data streams, view freeze frame data, I/M Readiness and see check vehicle info

In the system setup menu, you are allowed to change a language, reset a measurement unit and adjust display screen contrast.
I find that there are 8 languages are available: German, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.
In fact, I also try to use ieasy 200 to read and clear trouble codes. Read the words and images below.
I select “Read Codes” function when entering [Diagnostic Menu].
There are two control modules can be selected. I select the $7E8: Engine, then it shows the corresponding trouble code. It says “Mass or Volume air flow a circuit”. So I select [Clear Codes] function to clear. It clears the codes quickly. I try to read codes again, now there is no code.




In a word, this vident ieasy200 is a good code reader for me with the price and operation. Works well. Great value for the money!

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