Vident iEasy310 OBD2 Scanner FAQs

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Here have collected some common questions and answers about the Vident ieasy310 enhanced OBD2 scanner. Hope it helps!

Q1: Can ieasy310 support the smog test? What does this function do?
A1: Yes, it can. It supports these functions: read and erase DTC (engine fault codes), one button I/M readiness, battery voltage test, and maximum 4-channel waveform comparison.

Q2: Can ieasy310 support Renault Megane 2?
A2: All the European car models by OBD2 can be supported: after 2004 or from 1996 to 2004.

Q3: Does vident ieasy310 work for diesel engines Ford 2015?
A3: It is compatible with most cars that support OBD2 protocol, but some Ford diesel cars don’t support OBD2 protocol.

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