Vident iEasy310 Vs Foxwell NT301 Vs KW850 Vs Launch CR3008 Vs Autel AL519

Vident iEasy Code Readers

Here is the comparison of Vident iEasy310, Foxwell NT301, KW850, Launch CR3008, and Autel AL519.

Vident iEasy310 Foxwell NT301 KONNWEI KW850 Launch CR3008 Autel AL519
Image  Vident iEasy310  

Foxwell NT301



 Launch CR3008  Autel AL519
Price(USD) 49.99 69.99 69.99 49.99 59.99
AUTO VIN × × ×
3-color light ×
Battery voltage test × ×
Single data stream waveform
Multi-channel data streams × ×
Hotkey “I/M”
Hotkey “Read” × ×
Hotkey “Erase” × × ×
One-key update × × ×
Help button (for DTC/Live data)
Play back
Read / erase DTCs
System Information
Live data
View freeze frame
I/M Readiness
EVAP Leak Test
Mode 6
Color screen
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