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For Vident iLink series scanners (e.g iLink400, iLink410, iLink440, and iLink450) and iAuto series scanners (e.g iAuto700, iAuto702 Pro), all need to register, update software and change language. It’s required to use TF card, card reader and Windows operation system to complete. Here share the common problems and offer the corresponding solutions.

  1. Problem: The user doesn’t know where the TF card is, how the TF card is connected to the computer through the card reader, or the user confirms that the connection has been made but cannot see the serial number (and thus cannot be upgraded). engineer replied:
1). The TF card is at the on the left of PUSH EJECT position.
2). Take out TF card (PUSH and EJECT) from scan tool, and insert it to computer via card reader in correct way.
3). It’s important that you need to register your scan tool (iLink series, iAuto series) at first before use it at the first time.
-Install update client iScanzilla from the disc in the package or visit and click menu Support& Service to download.
-Unzip the file and find the installer to install the update client to your computer (Windows: XP, WIN2000, WIN7, WIN8 and WIN10)
-Then connect TF card to computer by the right connection way above
-Click the desktop icon to launch the update client and click Register.
-Fill out the necessary information and click Register. Once registration is done, iScanzilla will automatically let you sign in and finish the registration of scan tool soon.

Note: Please manually register the second serial number of the Vident scan tool if you have more than 1 scanner.

2. Problem: The serial number has been registered by others. engineer replied:
Please send the serial number to your dealer or with a brief explanation of the problem you have.

3. Problem: The software with few menus or the menu disappears after switching language, or you need to change the language. engineer replied:
These problems are caused by the back system language is not set to the desired language.
1). Provide the serial number for Vident to switch or set, confirm that Vident has been set OK.
2). Then you can connect TF card to upgrade (download the software)
3). After the upgraded TF card is inserted and open the scanner into the Setup>Language to select the target language, then the problems will solve.
Note: the language of back system set will appear before downloading the software, and will disappear once starts downloading.

4. Problem: White screen and Black screen
1). The scanner turns white screen when booting, unplug TF card after boot will appear Vident logo and insert card tips as shown in the following figure.
2). The scanner turns black screen when booting engineer replied:
In the above two cases, that means there is something wrong with the TF card.
Please solve it by the following suggestions.
1). Remove TF card from scan tool
Power on the scan tool to see if following boot-up picture of Vident appears
2). If yes, Format TF card under FAT32, run update client “iScanzilla”, firstly install OS-software only.
After installation of OS-software, remove TF card from the computer and insert back to a scan tool
Power on the scan tool to check vident logo (without TF card this time)
3). If yes, then download and install other software at one time. This process perhaps takes a long time. Stay patient.
4). Insert back the TF card to scan the tool and switch on to diagnose your car.

Note: the screen is white when the TF card is inserted, and it is still white when the TF card is unplugged.
The reason is that there is a problem with the physical parts, please contact your dealer for replacement.

5. Problem: The system prompts it to fail to download or install software when updating.
vident-ilink-iauto-series-scanners-problems-solutions-12 engineer replied:
Because the connection between the user terminal and the server is intermittent, you can click download again to fix it.
If it still fails after two or three attempts. Please right-click the icon of iScanzilla, check Properties->open file location to find a directory of Update and delete all the files in zip format there. Then go back to iScanzilla to download/install again.

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