Vident iLink400 Full System Single Make Scan Tool FAQs

Vident iLink Scan Tools

Here have collected some Vident iLink400 problems and solutions from the engineer. Hope it helps you!

Q1: How many vehicles can I check with vident iLink400? Is written 5 vehicles? Does it mean 5 manufacturers?

A1: In the past, we calculated the maximum software size based on the capacity of the TF card that can hold 5 car makers, that is, 5 pieces of software. In the actual situation, if you bought a car make software file that was not large, you could install more than 5 car makers. If you bought a large TF card, for example, 16 gb and 32gb, you could install more software.

A2: Paying update for Mazda will erase old software for Dodge?
Q2: If you buy much software, and upgrade TF card capacity is insufficient, please replace the large capacity card. The software will remain as long as the purchased software is bundled with the serial number.

Q3: My ILINK400 card is encrypted. There is an encrypted IC in the machine. But now that i have lost my original SD card. Can the SD card i bought from outside be used? Or should i buy authorization from dealer to copy the software to the card?
A3: You can use the SD card bought from other store. Just format the new SD card (FAT32), and then download the update software.

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