Vident ilink400 manual: Functions, Reviews, software download & update

Vident iLink Scan Tools

Vident ilink400 is a cost-effective scan tool, powerful functions, wide-coverage, support for multiple languages, free upgrade within three years…
In this post, you can find out more details about Vident ilink400: functions, reviews, updates, etc.


Part 1. ilink400 Functions:
Note: Not all function options listed above are applicable to all vehicles. Available options may vary by the year, model, and make of the test vehicle.
If you want to know whether ilink400 supports your car or not, please feel free to contact us

1. Diagnosis functions:
Basic diagnosis
Read Code
Clear Code
Freeze Frame Data(FFD)
System information
Live data

Other diagnoses
Active Test

2. Common Special Service/Functions:
Oil Light Service/Reset
EPB (Electronic Parking Brake)
BRT (Battery Configuration)
DPF (Regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter)
TBA/TPS (Throttle Body Alignment)
Injector Coding
TPMS (Tire Pressure Measuring Sensor Reset)
SAS (Steering Angle Sensor Reset)
Immobilizer Programming
Gear Learning
ABS Bleed
Gearbox Match
Suspension Match
Sunroof Initialization
AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System)
AF (Adjust fuel)
ABS (Anti-Block Brake System) (All Function)
SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) (include Airbag Reset) (All Function)


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Part 2. Ilink400 Reviews:
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Vident iLink400 reviews & FAQs

Part 3. ilink400 software download & update:

The first ilink400 software is free of charge with your purchase.
One hardware can have 5 car makes at most. Any additional software costs $60 each, You can click on the link below to purchase it.

ilink400 car makes:
Vident-ilink400-car-list-01 Vident-ilink400-car-list-02 Vident-ilink400-car-list-03 Vident-ilink400-car-list-04 Vident-ilink400-car-list-05 Vident-ilink400-car-list-06 Vident-ilink400-car-list-07

ilink400 software download and Update video guide

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