Vident iLink400 vs. Foxwell NT520 Pro

Vident iLink Scan Tools

Vident iLink400 vs. Foxwell NT520 Pro:

Vident iLink400 Foxwell NT520 Pro
OBD Functionality Perform 10 OBDI and OBDII/EOBD test modes Yes Yes
Full System Diagnostic Functionality Works on almost all electronic systems Yes Yes
Reads and clear codes Yes Yes
Reads/records/graphs live sensor data Yes Yes
Freeze frame data Yes Yes
ECU information Yes Yes
Multilingual menu and codes Yes Yes
Code troubleshooters Yes Yes
Hardware features Hot keys for quick access of data Yes Yes
Color screen Yes Yes
Special functionality Bi-directional control tests Yes Yes
EPB Service Yes Yes
Oil Light Reset Yes Yes
DPF Reset Yes Yes
SAS(Steering Angle Sensor Calibration) Yes Yes
Battery Configuration Yes Yes
TPS/TBA(Throttle Body Alignment) Yes Yes
Other Service Maintenance Function
Update Free Update Period 3 years Life time
Aston Martin Yes Yes
Ford, EU Ford Yes Yes
BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce Yes Yes
Chrysler Yes Yes
Citroen Yes No
Ferrari Yes Yes
Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Lancia Yes Yes
GM Yes Yes
Honda Yes Yes
Hyundai, Kia Yes Yes
Land Rover, Jaguar Yes Yes
Maserati Yes Yes
Mazda Yes Yes
Mercedes Benz Yes Yes
Renault, Dacia Yes No
Peugeot Yes Yes
Porsche Yes Yes
SsangYong Yes No
Subaru Yes No
Toyota, Lexus and Scion Yes Yes
VW Audi SEAT Skoda Yes Yes
Vauxhall,  Opel Yes Yes
Volvo Yes Yes


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