Vident ilink400 vs ilink410 vs ilink440 vs ilink450

Vident iLink Scan Tools

Vident iLink Featured Professional Scan Tools includes iLink400, iLink410, iLink440 and iLink450.  They have some similar functions, but also have some differences.

Model iLink400 iLink410 iLink440 iLink450
Outlook vident-ilink400-full-system-scan-tool-videntshop-1 vident-ilink410-abs-srs-sas-reset-tool-videntshop-1 vident-ilink440-four-system-scan-tool-videntshop-1 vident-ilink450-full-service-obd2-scan-tool-videntshop-1
Works on almost all electronic systems  ABS, SRS/Airbag Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag Engine, EPB,
ABS, SRS/Airbag
OBDI and OBDII compatiblity
Reads and clear codes
Reads/records/graphs live sensor data
Freeze frame data
ECU information
Multilingual menu and codes
Code troubleshooters
Hot keys for quick access of data
Color screen 2.8′ FTF color screen 2.8′ FTF color screen 2.8′ FTF color screen 2.8′ FTF color screen
EPB Service
Oil Light Reset
DPF Reset
Battery Configuration
ABS&SRS Service
SAS(Steering Angle Sensor Calibration)
TPS/TBA(Throttle Body Alignment)
Bi-directional control tests
Control module coding
Other Service &Maintenance Function
3 years free updates
Available Language English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian,  Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai Same as iLink400 Same as iLink400 Same as iLink400

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