Vident ismart900 software recent update information

Vident iSmart900

Here is the Vident ismart900 Diagnostic tool software recent update information, please keep reading to find out more.

SoftWare Version Update Details Data
GM V11.10 Fix bug 2018/10/17
LEXUS V11.22 Fix bug 2018/10/17
SCION V11.22 Fix bug 2018/10/17
TOYOTA V11.22 Fix bug 2018/10/17
Maintenance V10.20 Fix bug 2018/10/17
PROTON V11.00 1. Add three vehicle model—  Ertiga, Saga NFE, Persona NFE produra
2. Fix bug
PERODUA V11.00 1. Add Bezza and Myvi 1.5L model
2. Fix bug
MAINTENANCE V10.10 Optimize the software 2018/9/29
OS-SOFTWARE V9.40 Optimize display 2018/9/26
MAINTENANCE V10.05 Optimize the software 2018/9/27
MAINTENANCE V10.04 Optimize the software 2018/9/26
MAINTENANCE V10.03 Optimize the software 2018/9/21
MAINTENANCE V10.02 Optimize the software 2018/9/21
MAINTENANCE V10.01 Optimize the software 2018/9/20
OS-SOFTWARE V9.20 optimize update speed 2018/9/14
OS-SOFTWARE V9.31 Initial Release 2018/9/18
MAINTENANCE V10.00 Initial Release 2018/9/18
CHRYSLER V10.40 Fix bug 2018/9/13
HOLDEN V11.02 Fix bug 2018/9/13
LEXUS V11.21 Optimize Portuguese translation 2018/9/13
SCION V11.21 Optimize Portuguese translation 2018/9/13
TOYOTA V11.21 Optimize Portuguese translation 2018/9/13
GM V11.06 1. Fix bug
2.Optimize Spanish and Portuguese translation


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